Through the Early Child Development Mapping Project (ECMap) with the help of funding provided by Alberta Education, coalitions were formed across Alberta.  Coalitions are groups of individuals who have come together to plan and promote community-based supports for young children and families.




The Community Parenting Coalition was established in 2009 and includes representation from a wide range of community partners.  It works collaboratively towards the common goals of coordinated planning, sharing resources and assessing the community's needs.


We provide evidence-based information with each other and the community to maximize community resources.  We provide opportunities for parents to learn about the services available in their community as well as the importance of early learning years and quality early childhood education.  We identify barriers and gaps in the community service sector and strive to eliminate them to foster resilient and successful families.


The Brazeau County is thriving, children and their families are showing strenghth despite challenges.  Building bridges in services provides healthy, happy and resilent families for a strong community.